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Traffic tickets and your rights.

Most people who receive traffic tickets think of them as a major inconvenience rather than as a criminal offense they have been charged with. Because of this, many of them simply choose to pay the fine or defend themselves instead of hiring a criminal defense attorney. Unfortunately, the results of this approach may result in unnecessary points being added to your driving record and a minimum of three years with excessive insurance premiums.

As your lawyer, you can be assured that I will do all I can to get you the best possible outcome. However, in order to help your cause and your case, it is important to remember and start documenting everything you can about your traffic stop and the circumstances surrounding it. This information may raise questions such as:

  • Was the automated photo red light camera working properly?
  • Were you stopped in an illegal speed trap?
  • Did the officer have probable cause to stop you at all?

These questions may warrant further investigation and the answers to them can lead to a more effective defense for you in court. Remember, whether or not you are guilty does not matter so much as whether the prosecution has enough evidence to make these tickets hold up in court.

Protect Your Driving Record and Driver's License

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