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Law Office of John Stanko — San Francisco Bay Area Traffic Ticket & DUI Attorney

Attorney John Stanko defends the innocent in all Courthouses and Counties throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and provides creative and aggressive criminal defense representation against all traffic, DUI, felony and misdemeanor charges. As an attorney, I have dedicated my entire career to protecting the rights of the accused and as a sole practitioner, and I have dedicated myself to treating every client as if they were my only client.

Hiring the right lawyer can make a huge difference in a criminal case. Here are some examples of actual case results that are representative of the success of Marin County drunk driving defense attorney John Stanko.

  • Marin County Speeding Ticket, 98 in a 65, DISMISSED! No license suspension.
  • 3rd DUI Dismissed! No driver’s license suspension. Marin
  • Marijuana DUI case dismissed! Marin
  • DMV suspension for DUI set aside. .13 BAC, Oakland.
  • Sonoma County Speeding ticket 75 mph in a 35 mph zone dismissed.
  • .09 bac DUI in Vallejo is dismissed! Client gets a “Dry Reckless”
  • Fremont, Alameda County Red Light Camera ticket dismissed.
  • Marin County hit and run case dismissed.
  • Speeding ticket in San Francisco dismissed.
  • Alameda County, Oakland DUI, commercial driver, found NOT GUILTY at Court Trial, no DMV license suspension.
  • San Francisco DUI case DISMISSED, client pleads to non alcohol related reckless driving with no jail.
  • Solano County, Fairfield, Felony assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse charges DISMISSED, client gets simple battery and no jail.
  • Marin County, hit and run case DISMISSED!
  • Solano County DUI, .18 blood test, DMV suspension set aside.
  • Marin County traffic ticket, stop sign violation DISMISSED!
  • Sonoma County Speeding Ticket DISMISSED!
  • Sonoma County, annoying/harassing phone calls, case DISMISSED.
  • Solano County, Client with two domestic violence cases – both DISMISSED!
  • San Mateo County, assault with a deadly weapon and assault causing great bodily injury charges DISMISSED, client pleads to a simple battery and avoids jail.
  • Marin County speeding ticket DISMISSED on trial by written declaration.
  • Solano County, Vallejo, felony domestic violence case DISMISSED!
  • San Francisco speeding ticket DISMISSED after trial by written declaration.
  • Solano County, Vallejo, case for disobeying a court order DISMISSED!
  • Solaon County, Vallejo, 3rd offense DUI, client found NOT GUILTY of driving with a .08> blood alcohol content after Jury Trial.
  • Alamdea County, Oakland, 2nd offense DUI (.11/.11 breath test, client still on probation for 1st offense) reduced to wet reckless driving.
  • Oakland DMV hearing. Administrative DUI suspension set aside! .
  • Solano County, Vallejo, DUI checkpoint case. DUI DISMISSED, client receives a Dry (non alcohol related) reckless driving and no jail.
  • San Francisco drug possession case, DISMISSED.
  • Marin County Radar Speeding and under 21 DUI case DISMISSED!
  • Solano County, Fairfield, Felony car theft and chop shop case DISMISSED!
  • Grand theft case DISMISSED!
  • Napa County DUI , motion to suppress granted, case DISMISSED!
  • Solano County DUI driving with .08> bac NOT GUILTY at court trial.
  • Napa County jury trial, client NOT GUILTY of resisting arrest.
  • Solano County jury trial, client found NOT GUILTY of grand theft from a person.
  • Solano County, Vallejo, continuing sexual abuse case DISMISSED!
  • San Francisco battery case, NOT GUILTY at jury trial.
  • Solano County concealed weapon case DISMISSED!
  • Solano County, Fairfield, vandalism case DISMISSED.
  • Lake County, battery charge, client found NOT GUILTY at jury trial.

For a free consultation and to learn more about what I may be able to accomplish in your case, call us or contact me directly at my firm, the Law Office of John Stanko

Marin, Oakland, San Francisco, Sonoma, Vallejo, San Rafael, Mill Valley, Sausalito, Tiburon, Mill Valley, Novato, Petaluma.

Traffic, Speeding, Red Light Camera, DUI.

Client Reviews

This letter is written with gratitude, appreciation, admiration, and respect. Going back to October 2004, our family was in a turmoil. With my husband in custody during the early morning hours, and unsure of where I was to turn, you were there for us. You stood beside me, helped us through a most...

Dr. Henri and Evelyn LePre’

Dear John Stanko, I'm sorry this is so late! But I want you to know how much I appreciate your understanding and your expertise in court! You are a great lawyer and I thank-you so much for helping us in a time of need. I wish you much success in all that you set out to do. Sincerely.

Rose B.

Hi John, here is my testimonial. I could have written a book for all you’ve done for me. Hopefully I didn’t leave anything out! I hope you and your family have a happy and safe holidays! When I first called John Stanko for his services, he was professional and courteous. Although I was a first time...

Mark Aguirre

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