Traffic Frequently Asked Questions

Traffic Ticket Defense - FAQ

Do I really need a traffic attorney?
No, you can elect to just pay your ticket or fight it on your own.  However if you simply pay a ticket you are in effect admitting guilt and unless you attend level one traffic school you will receive a point on your driving record and your insurance rates will go up. 

If you are eligible for traffic school, San Francisco traffic ticket attorney John Stanko will usually recommend that you chose that option as successful completion of level one traffic school is the only guarantee that you will not get a point on your driving record and your insurance rates will not rise as a result of your ticket. 

Commercially licensed drivers should hire an experienced traffic ticket attorney as they are no longer eligible to attend traffic school in California. 

Why do I need an attorney that specializes in traffic ticket defense?
Most attorneys specialize in one or a few disciplines.  Traffic ticket infractions are crimes and should be handled by knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who specializes in traffic ticket defense and knows the vehicle code well.

Traffic ticket proceedings are courts are in special departments and the law and procedure can be different from other areas of the law.  Should you settle for hiring an attorney who practices general law or real estate, or even a criminal defense attorney who has never handled a traffic ticket?  Or, would you prefer an to hire a lawyer who specifically defends traffic ticket cases and knows the ins and outs of not only the California Vehicle Code, local ordinances and who to achieve reductions and negotiate traffic resolutions?

Is it expensive to hire a traffic ticket attorney?
No, not if you beat your ticket.  Compared to the long term hike in insurance rates, hiring an attorney to handle your traffic ticket defense, is relatively inexpensive.  The Law Office of John Stanko, Inc. offer reasonable rates set on a case by case basis and accepts all forms of payment.

Why fight a traffic ticket?
There are many reasons.  You may be in danger of losing your driving privilege if you get too many points on your DMV record, your insurance rates can go up, typically for three years, and you could lose your lively hood if you employment depends on a clean driving record.

If you have a Red Light Çamera Ticket, Speeding Ticket or other moving violation traffic ticket in San Francisco, Marin County, Oakland or Vallejo, you owe it to yourself to speak to an aggressive experienced traffic ticket attorney.  For a free consultation contact San Francisco Bay Area traffic ticket lawyer John Stanko immediately.