Speeding tickets in the San Francisco Bay Area

From Sonoma and Marin Counties in the North Bay to Alameda and Santa Clara Counties int the South Bay, what driver hasn't seen the cops sitting on the side of the freeway or behind a bush on a city street with their Radar or Laser gun out and at the ready.  They are out there and they are out to get you.  If you are stopped for a traffic speeding ticket you could be charged with one of several different infractions.

Speeding tickets can be issued for violations of several California Vehicle Code sections including:

Vehicle Code section 22350, basic speed law.
Vehicle Code section 22348, speeding in excess of 100 mph
Vehicle Code section 22349, violation of the maximum posted speed limit
Vehicle Code section 23336, speeding violation on a bride or elevated structure
Vehicle Code section 22406, maximum speed in designated vehicles (commercial truck driver speeding ticket)

If you are given a speeding ticket call me immediately.  I can help.  I beat many tickets without having to appear in court and I can keep points off of your record or get you reduced charges or traffic school where you wouldn't otherwise be eligible. 

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