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Administrative Per se License Suspensions and DMV Hearings

San Rafael, California, DMV Hearing Attorney

One of the consequences of a DUI/DWI arrest and other traffic violations in California is that you can lose your driver's license. If charged with driving under the influence, you need to act quickly to prevent your driver's license from being suspended. You have 10 days from your DUI arrest to request an administrative hearing with the California Department of Motor Vehicles. DMV hearings are independent of criminal court proceedings for the actual DUI.

At the Law Office of John Stanko, Inc., I am exclusively dedicated to criminal defense and DUI matters for clients throughout Northern California's San Francisco Bay Area. My office can help you obtain a DMV hearing and may be able to prevent the immediate loss of your driving privileges. Call 1-877-204-8900, or contact me online today for help from an experienced lawyer at your driver's license suspension hearing.

After a DUI Arrest — Fight to Protect Your Driver's License and Your Freedom

Depending on the DUI charges you face, failure to request a DMV hearing will result in the loss of your license from four months to up to a year or more, seriously affecting your job and ability to care for your family. If you fail to obtain a hearing in time, one may still be arranged under certain circumstances.

As your DUI defense attorney, I have the experience to help ensure you get a hearing in time, the suspension is justified and all related matters are properly resolved.

Request Your License Suspension Hearing now

DMV hearings are vital to keeping your driver's license when you face a DUI charge in Solano County and neighboring Bay Area counties.

Non DUI related License Suspension and Revocation DMV Hearings

The San Rafael based Law Office of John Stanko, Inc. represents people in front hearing officers at the California Department of Motor Vehicles offices throughout the San Francisco Bay Area on a variety of driver's license issues.

In addition to DUI related administrative per se suspensions and revocations, the DMV can initiate suspension or revocation proceedings against California licensed drivers for numerous reasons and Attorney John Stanko can help those people save their driving privilege. Out of state drivers driving in California can also have their privilige to drive in California suspended or revoked by the DMV.

  • Negligent Operator Suspensions.
  • Unsafe driver revocations.
  • Medical related suspensions and revocations.
  • Juvenile driver suspensions and provisional license issues.

For your free consultation and evaluation of your license suspension and DMV hearing issues, call toll free at 1-877-204-8900, or contact me online at my firm, the Law Office of John Stanko, Inc.

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In today’s time and turmoil, it is truly rare to find an individual to be so knowledgeable, honest, and integrity not compromised. A rare asset “a gem” to the profession. For anyone seeking legal counsel. I say go no further then Attorney John Stanko. Mr. Stanko is able, dependable, and if all possible will help to resolve your situation. A fine gentleman indeed! Dr. Henri and Evelyn LePre
Dear John Stanko, I'm sorry this is so late! But I want you to know how much I appreciate your understanding and your expertise in court! You are a great lawyer and I thank-you so much for helping us in a time of need. I wish you much success in all that you set out to do. Rose B.
When I first called John Stanko for his services, he was professional and courteous. Although I was a first time client, he accommodated me to make the process as easy as possible. John was very prompt in returning my phone calls and followed up with my cases in a timely manner. I had several cases in two counties along with a suspended license case which John took care of. Mark Aguirre